We will deliver a moment of bliss to our customers with exquisite power control

We perform relaxation massage and manipulation of tailoring in Akabane with our special techniques. We will help create a body that can lead a healthy life. As we respond carefully to every one consultation, it is a salon suitable for the customer who is looking for a warm response.
If you have a problem or need to improve your body, a practitioner with a certain ability will speak with you, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please consult a relaxation salon that performs shoulder stiffness resolution at Akabane

If you want to get rid of stiff shoulders by stretching and massage to improve circulation and improve your health, please tell us your worries. At the same time we do appropriate treatment, we talk about point to have you be careful by oneself. In order to lighten our customers' feelings, we will eliminate shoulder stiffness and help step by step towards a brighter future.
It can be said that it is very important to consult people in order to eliminate stress and anxiety that can not be held by all means. There is advice that can be provided only because you are a practitioner who has specialized in studying the human body, so please contact us if you have any troubles.

We will offer relaxation treatments that work on cat back and gap with Akabane

Care is taken according to each customer's body and lifestyle, and you can receive comfortable reflexology and tailoring while maintaining balance between mind and body. As we operate in a private atmosphere of a semi-private room, we have a track record of getting many reservations from men as well as women. For eye fatigue that tends to increase year after year due to the spread of smartphones and computers, recommend eyestrain and head, want to cure the back of the cat, for women who want to improve body gap and prepare the body line As we recommend beauty treatment and pelvic adjustment, please try.
The salon mainly focuses on loosening the whole body, but the shoulder blades can be treated only at the point of concern, such as peeling of the scapula and pushing the bottom of the foot sole. It is perfect for those who want to get treatment in a short time, so please make a reservation if you have a treatment that you care about.

Akabane relaxation facilities will support training

Practitioners with personal trainer qualifications will offer body consulting and training support, so please contact us if you would like advice. We have talked from many athletes and sports enthusiasts, so we can accurately determine and guide the treatment content and treatment schedule from sporting events and activity times. We will make every effort to be a supporter who can give you detailed advice, including how to grow a flexible muscle that allows you to continue playing sports energetically forever and a self-massaging method that does not accumulate fatigue.
Please contact us if you have a variety of ideals, such as those who want to return to early sports and who want to improve the quality of training. If you are looking for a proven track record, please select a salon that has a high rating.