Try a reputable relaxation facility in Akabane

The relaxation facility in Akabane close to Ikebukuro and Ueno addresses various customer problems such as personal training and sports related issues such as physical fitness for maintaining health, cat back, adjustment of body gap and stiff shoulders. Doing.
We have a one-on-one system where customers can not make reservations for other customers, and we have created an environment where you can feel free to ask any questions. Please contact us at any time if you have a problem with your body or tired body.

The body consulting of the relaxation facility of Akabane is also popular

A staff with an international trustworthy NSCA-CPT (personal training) qualification and knowledge on nutrition and lifestyle guidance and physical strength and strength training conducts body consulting using the experience gained so far It is As well as making the body, we also carry out treatments that incorporate the elements of the treatment such as the treatment of muscle pain and stretching, etc., and respond to the various worries of the customers doing sports, and care the customers' bodies in detail.
Unlike the gymnasium, we do not provide training instructions using a machine, such as a proposal for training tailored to your physical problems, but staff with experience or experience in massage that improves physical fitness and circulation with a sports medicine perspective However, we have a variety of advice on making your strength and strength in your own perspective with personal training and tailoring knowledge. Please contact us at any time if you have sports problems.

Adjust the gap in the Akabane relaxation salon more effectively

Blood circulation is worse because the muscle is solidified due to accumulation of fatigue substances such as lactic acid due to the load, including excessive load on muscles from the back of the neck to the back, and blood vessels are compressed by stiff muscles. It is said that stiff shoulders will occur as you grow. Due to bad work that is different from the conventional posture such as desk work and the back of a cat working in the same posture for a long time, shoulder stiffness is easily caused by applying excessive load to muscles around the neck, shoulders and back. It may be easier.

In order to improve shoulder stiffness caused by various factors such as eye strain due to poor circulation caused by overuse of the eyes and displacement of the body, together with massage and other affected areas such as massage, adjust posture together etc. More effect is expected by doing. Customers who are interested in improving stiffness and poor circulation of muscles with a toothpaste, and improving shoulder stiffness and treatment by improving the back of the cat and the body, please visit us once.

The relaxation facility in Akabane has a reputation for high technology

The salon at Akabane Station, which offers relaxation and healing, considers customers first, and for stiff shoulders, the specific force is specific, such as a massage that encourages calf and gentle circulation with strong strength. We have received treatment in the hospital, and we gradually adjust the power so that we can be satisfied with our customers, and we are satisfied with many customers with the exquisite power we want. We use regular massages and oil massages according to your body's troubles, hotness, and parts, and we propose a style tailored to you and perform treatment.
It is close to Ikebukuro and Ueno, and it is an easy-to-go location from the nearest station through which Saikyo Line, Keihin Tohoku Line and Shonan-Shinjuku Line passes. Are also available. You can easily stop by at any time as it is easy to stop within a walking distance from the station.

Akabane's relaxation facilities have a good reputation for sports lovers

We are also committed to creating muscle strength and strength required for sports by owners who are qualified as personal trainers, and we offer polite counseling and advice to help our customers with body consulting and massages that relieve muscle soreness in training. We are in consultation with various cases related to training. A lot of customers are pleased with muscle pain massage, which is said to improve circulation by giving a moderate massage to the muscles that have been damaged by training, and to repair muscle fibers quickly.
In order to be relaxed to your heart's content without worrying about other people, other customers are not put in at the same time, and the treatment is performed after carefully consulting your body's troubles with complete one-on-one response. It is We also offer body consulting, and we have created an environment that makes it easy for customers with sports problems, so please visit us once.


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Store name

Hogushin ON & OFF

Street address

Akabane Nishi, Kita-ku, Tokyo 1-29-4 Chambre flowers 101

phone number
business hours

11:00 to 22:30

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


Hohakushin ON & OFF, where relaxation treatments are performed in the Akabane area, has stores located in places that are easy to visit. We listen to the words of each customer, and we will create a shop that can be used freely by anyone, so please feel free to visit us when you want to improve your physical condition or find a personal massage salon.