Come to a reputable relaxation facility in Akabane

If you are going to try relaxation massage in Akabane area, please experience the treatment of relaxing ON & OFF with high refreshment effect. Because we can combine the best treatment contents according to your request time, it is highly popular from those who want to change the treatment contents depending on the day.
We will respond to your physical condition, including shoulder stiffness and pelvic gap, so please come to the salon where you can relax while spending a moment of peace.

Akabane salon with knowledge about relaxation has many achievements

The bespoke treatment recommended by the salon takes a different approach to each and every customer, so you can try high-level treatments that can be reached in the itch area. We assist customers with their health and beauty, and we receive inquiries from customers with various purposes every day. Many customers say that they have been introduced by customers who used them in the past, and we will do a comfortable treatment that is not against expectations.
Because we thoroughly manage hygiene and prepare for a comfortable space, some of our customers say that they were able to receive the treatment comfortably and that they were delighted. We will respond flexibly to the voices of other customers, and we will strive to improve the service content, so please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any concerns as it may be a trivial matter.

Akabane will receive combination freedom relaxation

There are a relaxation course that proposes treatment contents according to the style that the customer can receive, and a custom-made treatment course that offers a combination of freedom and a rich feeling. You can enjoy special care that is highly effective in recovering from fatigue, such as a stretch that stretches a well-set area and a massage that is effective for eyestrain. From the quick menu available in 5 minutes to the course for satisfying treatment over 120 minutes, it is ideal for customers who want to use their time efficiently.
It is the first step to create a healthy body by putting pressure on your body and feeling relaxed, and remembering how to withdraw your strength and how to stretch muscles. In order to be able to continue doing what you like while having fun, you also need time to give priority to your body. If you want to improve your physical condition as well as improve your appearance, we also offer body consulting, so please tell us that you would like advice.

Akabane relaxation facilities are loved by people in the area

We offer treatments that you can enjoy relaxation effects at Akabane, so please use if you are tired. Changing clothes are also loaned free of charge, and you can come to the store in your spare time after work or between appointments, so you can feel free to heal yourself. Since we carefully check the condition and mood of the customers who came to the store, and we are doing custom-made treatments, we have received many reservations from customers who live in the area. We will propose appropriate treatments using the know-how we have cultivated, so those who are new to manipulation and reflexology can be used with confidence.
We will do all the treatments with sincerity so that we can be the heart of our customers who want to keep a healthy body forever. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to make a reservation or ask for such a reservation.

Please contact us if you are looking for relaxation salon in Akabane area

Since Keihin Tohoku Line, Saikyo Line, Utsunomiya / Takasaki Line and Akabane Line (Shonan Shinjuku Line) are available for relaxation salons, customers who come from any area have good words for saying that access is good. You It is very convenient to make a reservation to reduce the time you have to wait after arriving at the salon. The quick and courteous response enables you to be in good physical condition, and those who are busy with work or who can not take long free time in childcare can visit us with confidence. As we perform one-on-one operation in semi-private room by curtain limit, please think that one who wants to enter one's world without minding neighboring eyes is used.
We have prepared a page on how to access Hogunshin ON & OFF. Please contact the store directly without hesitation if you are questioned by someone else who has questions or who have questions.


It is a salon that performs relaxation massage at Akabane

Please stop by when you want to heal your tired body

As relaxation massage and training are performed at Akabane, and there is a solid experience that has touched the body of various customers, please come to our first visit with confidence. We will ask you about your worries about your body, such as your waist and stiff neck, and will propose appropriate treatment content. At the beginning, we explain the treatment firmly, so you can receive the treatment without anxiety.
We will use healing techniques to loosen your body so that you can spend a pleasant time forgetting your fatigue, so please stop by whenever you come near.


We published the details of the access method from the nearest station


Store name

Hogushin ON & OFF

Street address

Akabane Nishi, Kita-ku, Tokyo 1-29-4 Chambre flowers 101

phone number
business hours

11:00 to 22:30

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


Hohakushin ON & OFF, where relaxation treatments are performed in the Akabane area, has stores located in places that are easy to visit. We listen to the words of each customer, and we will create a shop that can be used freely by anyone, so please feel free to visit us when you want to improve your physical condition or find a personal massage salon.