Many customers use it as a reward for their hard work.

In Akabane, we provide massage, body consulting, and body care that provide relaxation effects, and have examined the bodies of many customers. By spending a relaxing time at the hideaway salon, your mind and body will become lighter and you will be able to nourish your vitality for the next day. Customers of all genders come to our store with various concerns, and we will continue to provide detailed support.
We will guide you through Hogushin ON & OFF special treatments, so please feel free to use it even if you are undecided about the details of the treatment.


Thank you for visiting HP.
This is Tenji Maruyama, the representative of “HOGUSHIN ON & OFF”.
We will take care of your body as your pit-crew when you want to charge something .

The motto of the store is
“To a body that only feels tired”
If you are in such a state of mind and body, can you spend a comfortable day?

First, by taking a good OFF (rest), it will change to a good ON (quality life)!
With that in mind, I decided to turn the store name Hogusin ON & OFF.

In addition, during treatment, from customer
I do n’t know what kind of store I want to go to,
Also, I do n’t know what to do,
Anyway, there were many people who said, “I do n’t know well.”
The menu includes the freedom of combination (Body Marche course).

[Pleasant] [Relax] [Toward a good body and mind] Three pillars
I will continue the treatment. And even for those who have a certain harshness.
I'm looking forward to being able to return with satisfaction saying "I'm glad I came."

The relaxation salon that is popular in Akabane has high technology

Akabane brushed up the relaxation technique, and it is a salon where you can feel free to use it when you want to be healed. In addition to body slippage that causes stiff shoulders and headaches, physical therapy may improve symptoms such as eczema. We will do custom-made treatment according to your physical condition and the feeling of the day, so please go once if you have chosen salon.
We will do our best to improve our skills so that we can perform the best treatment for customers who have selected ON / OFF from among the many healing salons. We have learned from traditional techniques to the latest techniques to respond flexibly to all requests, so please come to the store if you want to improve your physical condition and have started to be aware of your health for the future.

Please contact us if you are looking for relaxation salon in Akabane area

Since the Saikyo Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, and Shonan Shinjuku Line go through the relaxation salon, customers who visit from any area have praised words that they have good access. It is very convenient to make a reservation to reduce the time you have to wait after arriving at the salon. The quick and courteous response enables you to be in good physical condition, and those who are busy with work or who can not take long free time in childcare can visit us with confidence. As we perform one-on-one operation in a semi-private room, please think that it is used if you want to enter your own world without worrying about the eyes around you.
We have prepared a page on how to access Hogunshin ON & OFF. Please contact the store directly without hesitation if you are questioned by someone else who has questions or who have questions.

Akabane is known for its rich menu of relaxation facilities

We have a variety of combination menu options in order to make our customers live healthy lives. Muscles are used just by living normally, and it causes swelling and stiffness, so we instruct you to loosen it carefully when you notice it. We will also show you how to do self-training for muscle creation and self-massaging that you can easily try, so please inquire if you would like to make the treatment more effective.
As we summarized treatment that you can choose on menu page, you can see at a stretch. We also accept inquiries about the treatment menu and make reservations for a close schedule. We will deliver a moment of recovery from fatigue and healing, so if you want to receive high-quality treatment, please come and visit us.

Akabane's relaxation salon will answer your questions

A practitioner who has learned about the human body will solve your doubts and create an environment where you can enjoy the treatment time without anxiety, so please use it if you are looking for a reliable practitioner. We will carefully answer each question, so you can also learn about the human body. In order to fundamentally improve the symptoms, it is necessary to understand exactly what caused such symptoms. Rather than receiving treatment without knowing anything, we believe that it is better to have the customer feel that "this massage is working here", so we provide detailed counseling. We are here.
We will continue to study hard in order to be able to answer all kinds of questions, so please contact us if there is anything you would like to confirm or know.

Akabane relaxation salon is updating blog

As we have been performing surgery and counseling while communicating with many customers, this salon is highly regarded as having a practitioner who is easy to talk to. While aiming at health promotion and maintenance, we aim at the treatment that you can relax and take your body and mind. As we propose the treatment according to the customer's request, those who have some symptoms as well as one can feel free to visit us. We will respond to a wide variety of concerns, so if you want to find a family salon, please try the treatment once.
We created a blog page to convey the atmosphere of the salon to our customers, and updated useful content and announcements from the salon. We will devise to be able to update articles of various contents, so please read it when you have time.