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カッピング 赤羽 東京都

If you want to use foot reflexology for relaxation in Tokyo, you can use the single item menu (foot reflexology / foot reflexology / foot reflexology). Marche course. Please use Hogushin ON & OFF.

Reservations can be made online, by phone (03-6759-0131), or by arrival.

Foot pressure points

Click here for the combination free body Marche course (with a pretty good coupon)


Highly recommended for those who have hard soles. There are many people with hard calves and those with tight soles. I want to soften the soles of my feet!


At Akabane's relaxation salon Hogushin ON & OFF, there is a menu called foot pot push.

It's difficult to get a comfortable stimulation by self, and sometimes it's impossible to get a good posture.

Having someone do it will give you a different stimulus, and many people feel that it works.

At our shop, you can enjoy the unique stimulation of foot sticks that cannot be experienced with manual techniques or oils.


In the body Marche course, which can be freely combined, you can adjust the time of the foot stick as much as you like.

If your feet are stiff and tired, you can combine it with reflexology.

You can also increase the total refreshment and relaxation effect.


Acupuncture sticks are really stuck in those who are stuck.


You can buy it at a reasonable price at the health goods section of 100-yen shops such as Daiso, so I recommend the foot stick as a new discovery for yourself!

When you want a different stimulation to the soles of your feet, when you want something that works, use Akabane's Hogushin ON & OFF.

We'll be expecting you.

・Reservations can be made online, by phone (03-6759-0131), or on arrival.

・Those who only push the foot pot https://mitsuraku.jp/pm/online/index/y0m7o5

・ Click here for combination free body marche course (with a pretty good coupon)