If you want to heal your fatigue in Akabane, please use Hogushin ON & OFF, which is a 5-minute walk from Akabane Station.

2022/08/11 blog
On-and-off shop

Akabane's relaxation massage Hogushin ON & OFF.

The heat is a little less, and it's easy to spend.
When I thought that, the heat returned.

For relief from summer fatigue

Hogushin Manipulative Course is recommended.

At Hogushin ON & OFF, we first follow the flow of counseling, treatment, and feedback.

However, each person has a different degree of worries and case, so we will visit you through counseling.

For those who are particularly hot and can't sleep, we invite you to sleep with the body marche course of the whole body + head spa.

It's really hot, so let's take it easy.

It's a completely private room, or rather, a private room, so it's also a private salon where you can relax without worrying about other people.

hot, hot