The Akabane relaxation facility is also popular with sports lovers

By adjusting the displacement of the body to improve circulation of the whole body and a specific part of the blood flow to adjust the physical condition of the body, blood flow is stagnant and firmness is carefully removed to reduce the body's stiffness. We can expect effect of treatment.
There is personal training to support the creation of a body suitable for tailoring and sports to adjust the gap of the body, and a relaxation facility to improve various physical problems are within easy walking distance of Akabane Station, and we also accept reservations on the day. Please make a reservation and come to the store on and off.

Characteristics of hogshin on and off

A relaxation facility in Akabane will improve women's worries

There are various causes for stiff shoulders, but it is said to be caused by stagnation in blood flow in the neck and shoulders. Massage improves the circulation of the body's blood. Not only the shoulder but also the whole body is massaged to improve blood flow throughout the body, improving blood circulation and expecting an effect of shoulder stiffness elimination.
You can not make reservations for other customers during your reservation time, so one-on-one counseling and treatment, you can talk without hesitation even if you have trouble asking for advice or having other people's eyes You Customers who have troubles unique to women and have difficulty consulting, please visit us once.

The relaxation salon around Akabane Station is community-based

The city in the top ranking in the city ranking that JR3 line goes through and wants to live close to Saitama is popular when it is easy to live in the super fierce war zone, and every effort is made for the local residents to heal their daily fatigue I will. Depending on your physical condition, which varies depending on the type of business, housewives who are engaged in sports, housework or child rearing, the strength you like is where you want your focus to be, such as your shoulders, waist, calf and back. Massages, relaxing courses , short-term intensive massages, and those who want to turn the body in a better direction, Ultimate courses for heavy users who go over a week or more , oiled hands, foot reflexology and feet We offer a number of courses that are close to you, such as the body Marché course that can be freely combined in time, such as pots and tailoring.
We carefully counsel your worries, such as sports massage and sports adjustment / pelvic adjustment, and also propose treatments that suit your worries. If you are interested in a community-based massage salon that makes you feel tired and refreshed, please contact us at any time.

Akabane is known for its rich menu of relaxation facilities

We have a variety of combination menu options in order to make our customers live healthy lives. Muscles are used just by living normally, and it causes swelling and stiffness, so we instruct you to loosen it carefully when you notice it. We will also show you how to do self-training for muscle creation and self-massaging that you can easily try, so please inquire if you would like to make the treatment more effective.
As we summarized treatment that you can choose on menu page, you can see at a stretch. We also accept inquiries about the treatment menu and make reservations for a close schedule. We will deliver a moment of recovery from fatigue and healing, so if you want to receive high-quality treatment, please come and visit us.

Akabane relaxation salon will answer questions

The practitioner who has learned about the human body will solve the customer's questions and prepare an environment where you can enjoy the treatment time without anxiety, so please use if you are looking for a reliable practitioner. We will answer each and every question carefully, so customers can learn about the human body. In order to lead to the improvement of the symptoms fundamentally, it is necessary to understand exactly what causes the symptoms. Conducting detailed counseling, thinking that customers will feel better if they feel that this massage is effective here, rather than being able to receive treatment without knowing anything It is
We will continue to work hard while studying so that we can answer any and all questions, so please contact us if you have something to check or want to know.

It is a salon that performs relaxation massage at Akabane

Please stop by when you want to heal your tired body

As relaxation massage and training are performed at Akabane, and there is a solid experience that has touched the body of various customers, please come to our first visit with confidence. We will ask you about your worries about your body, such as your waist and stiff neck, and will propose appropriate treatment content. At the beginning, we explain the treatment firmly, so you can receive the treatment without anxiety.
We will use healing techniques to loosen your body so that you can spend a pleasant time forgetting your fatigue, so please stop by whenever you come near.