It is located on Benten-dori = ROUTE2020 Tresen-dori, a 5-minute walk from the west exit of Akabane Station.

A 5-minute walk from the west exit of Akabane Station , next to Pizza Hut on Benten-dori = ROUTE2020 Tresen -dori.

Detail is

・ Walking

⇒ Exit the west exit of Akabane Station and turn right

Exit the west exit of Akabane Station and proceed to the right. Crossing the traffic light, you will find a karaoke manekineko across the street. Continue straight to the left for about 3 minutes. (Go straight to the left, cross the traffic light, and when you go straight, you will see the Pizza Hut sign in front of you after passing FamilyMart. It will be the building next to it.

→ Exit the west exit of Akabane Station and left

Aim for Ito-Yokado. With the station behind you, walk on the right hand side of Ito-Yokado, turn left at the first crossroads and go straight. There is a Pizza Hut sign in front of you after crossing FamilyMart. It will be the building next to it.

・ For those arriving by bus, 110m from Benten Sakashita Bus Stop of Kokusai Kogyo Bus (to Akabane Station)

Hogusin ON & OFF, which runs a relaxation salon at Akabane Station, is very convenient because you can use the staff. It is located in a place where you can easily come to the store from the nearest station, so it is popular with people who want to receive treatment immediately.

The body marche course, which can be freely combined and can be changed according to the mood of the day when the treatment is received, is a popular menu that has been reserved by many customers because there are many menus to choose from. Combine your favorite menus such as cosmetological manipulative treatment and pelvic adjustment for those who want to improve their body displacement and create a slender style, and synergistic effects by caring for the neck and head for those who are concerned about stiff shoulders. You can enjoy the treatment time. If you want to balance your body and welcome tomorrow with a refreshing feeling, please take the Body Marche Course.
For heavy massage users, we recommend the Ultimate Course, which allows you to take a fixed number of times a month to thoroughly loosen your entire body from head to toe. (Similarly, there is also a super ultimate course that can be freely combined.) We will carefully approach the part with specific pain such as back pain.

We also offer a course suitable for those who want to get rid of their pain and pain in a short period of time. Please use all means.

Akabane Station is convenient for visiting relaxation facilities


Store name

Hogushin ON & OFF

Street address

Akabane Nishi, Kita-ku, Tokyo 1-29-4 Chambre flowers 101

phone number
business hours

11:00 to 22:30

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


Hohakushin ON & OFF, where relaxation treatments are performed in the Akabane area, has stores located in places that are easy to visit. We listen to the words of each customer, and we will create a shop that can be used freely by anyone, so please feel free to visit us when you want to improve your physical condition or find a personal massage salon.

Because Tohoku Main Line and Saikyo Line go through, it is easy to visit distant people

Please contact us if you are looking for a detailed path to the salon

As one-on-one polite treatment will be carried out and the painful symptoms will be improved, please come to the store if you want to improve your physical condition or you want to live a youthful life. Even if you do not make a reservation, you will be able to stop by, so it can be used even if you have symptoms suddenly or are passing nearby. We are keeping in mind the smooth response and warm welcome, and there are many people who become repeaters in the people who live in the area, companies and schools.
We offer not only relaxing menu but also sports and daily activities to help you use your body and training. The practitioner who has the qualification of a personal trainer becomes an ally of the person who wants to become a good athlete, and will support firmly. It is easy to enter because it is a roadside shop, but it is a hideout salon where you can spend leisurely, so it is the best when you want to receive treatment while healing your mind. After counseling and understanding what kind of treatment you want to receive, we will consider treatment and future treatment plan, so please consult at any time.

We offer a relaxation menu in the Akabane area, so if you come near you, please experience the massage of the practitioner who has a skillful technique. We will examine and palpate the area where the customer is concerned, adjust the balance by giving appropriate stimulation to the body, and make the whole body clean. We have been loved by a wide range of customers, from those who visit regularly based on the treatment plan, to those who visit for relaxation when we can make time. When you come to the store, you can use the change of clothes that you have prepared in advance, so those who come with a suit or a skirt can return to your work with confidence.
Because you can use the Akabane Line and the Tohoku Main Line to visit the relaxation salon, those who live in Tokyo and those who live in Saitama Prefecture are also visiting us. As we do not disappoint that we have a reputation for being a highly skilled salon in a well-located area, we will treat our customers seriously seriously, and will conduct high-quality treatments based on the know-how we have cultivated by involving many customers. There is an access page for those who want to know how to access ON / OFF in advance, so please read it for reference when you visit us.